Welcome to my blog


So I finally created a blog.

I haven’t played with Wordpress and PHP for ages, and honestly, LAMP stack for the sole purpose of my personal website seems a bit overkill.

With this simple project I wanted to try something new. At the same time, I planned to use a framework that would allow me to publish content on GitHub Pages.

The Engine

I really like the idea of static pages.
They don’t require databases, heavy backend systems or complex deployment setups.
They are blazing-fast to render, are fully cacheable and search-engine friendly by default.

At first, I planned to set up this blog with Jekyll, but after some research I decided to go with Node.js-driven tool.

After a few minutes of research I found Hexo and liked it instantly.
Hexo is a really great blog framework that just works.
I can write my blog posts using Markdown, change the theme easily and store my stuff directly on GitHub.

The Content

This blog will be probably bilingual. I’ll try to cover most of the things in English. Some things, however, related e.g. to my home building progress will be written in Polish.
The reason is that the subject of building my house is strictly connected with the procedures unique to polish readers. Plus, I think I’ll feel more comfortable describing all nuances of my “Home” project in Polish.
All the other topics in this blog, including tech/home automation/software will always be written in English.

I hope you’ll enjoy it!